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About us

We started BeerdBus Brew Tours to help promote Utah's local breweries and provide beer enthusiasts with a fun (and safe) way to discover  Utah craft beer.

Founded in 2020 (yeah, we know, not ideal) but we were Utah's first and only brewery tour bus.

BeerdBus Brew Tours came to fruition after some careful consideration, market research, and of course, beer.

We wanted to provide unique and memorable experiences for Utah locals as well as visitors.

Our name is a play on BEER and BEARD (our co-founder Josh has an epic beard).

We could be BeardBus or BeerBus but we're BeerdBus.

Listen to our podcast on I Am Salt Lake to learn more about our story.

Josh O'Neil

Co-Founder & Beer Guy

Melinda O'Neil

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

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